It took about 8 months from the purchase of the land to the start of construction.
You will find all the administrative steps that were necessary to start building on the description page.
The first step in preparing the land was to clear the lush vegetation with a machete, then to cut down the trees. The use of a backhoe for 3 days allowed the uprooting of the tree stumps, the clearing and cleaning of the vegetation. The ground was then levelled. All of this preparatory work was carried out by 4 workers over a period of ten days.
Construction of a site hut to house tools and materials.
The team then created the extremely solid foundations needed for the building’s structure with 28 hand dug holes 1m in diameter and 10m deep loaded with rebar, concrete and stone.
Below are the photographs that illustrate the different stages of the preparation work.

Site preparation

Construction shack